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Nedap Livestock Management

For more than 35 years Nedap has developed and produced automation processes for livestock farming which are sold worldwide. Due to our increasing population and prosperity, dairy and meat producers have seen a rise in the demand for their products. This development is accompanied by increasingly stricter requirements in regard to the quality and safety of food. Simultaneously, there is a rise in the costs of raw materials, labour and energy. This sector faces the challenge of producing sufficient supplies of safe, affordable and sustainable food of guaranteed quality from scarce resources.

In response to these challenges, Nedap enables the automation of a high diversity in processes in and around the livestock farm. Technology which is always based on electronic individual animal identification. Feeding, milking, separating and oestrus detection: Nedap supplies the precise technological solutions that make individual animal care and monitoring of production and health condition easier. Nedap therefore facilitates sustainable growth - maintaining a healthy balance between work, profit and welfare - for producers within the livestock sector. Nedap. Vital element for growth